Экстраверт (yarosh) wrote,

Russian gifts

I think that there is no person in our country, which has no acquaintances, friends or even relatives who have moved, as it is said to relocate to other countries. I'm not an exception, my sister lives and the United States. She has a family and two kids that decided to learn to speak Russian and to acquaint with the culture, literature and art that broke away from their roots and remember that they are Russian.

Sent a lot of books by Russian and Soviet writers, folk tales for children. Asked to send our toys, there is no Weeksthank, there is such lovely and touching Bears, cubes, and especially the Cheburashka. And recently, I came across a website - colibribookstore.com is an online store where you can buy russian gifts children's books and toys delivery in USA, Canada, UK and other countries.

For adults there are also many delicious Souvenirs such as faberge egg for sale. Now make orders there, it is cheaper and faster!
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